Have You Ever Tried ‘Hummoli’? This Dip Has Chickpeas, Avocado, Olive Oil, and More Healthy Ingredients!


I used to always have a problem with snacking, especially on the weekends when I would be home and have a cupboard full of snacks that wouldn’t be too good for me. So I started to look into some better snacking alternatives. I munched on veggies until I was blue in the face. My hunger would be satisfied, but I still felt like I was missing something. And I thought it was hummus.

That was until I went to a party that a friend of mine was having at her house. She had bowls of chips, sweets, and other things of that sort that were being devoured by a lot of the party goers. Luckily for me, there was a platter of cut up vegetables that had hardly been touched. And in the middle of the platter was a small bowl of hummus.

My Healthy Recipe

Now I’m no stranger to hummus, I actually quite enjoy it. But the reason I bring it up is because of what happened next. Right as I finished assembling a small plate of veggies and hummus for myself, my friend brought out a big bowl of fresh guacamole for the table. Everyone clamored over it, and not wanting to miss out on any, I grabbed a big spoon for myself.

Then, without thinking I grabbed one of my pieces of celery and mixed the hummus and guacamole on the end of it and took a bite. That’s all it took, just one bite, and I was hooked. I couldn’t believe I had never thought of combining guacamole with hummus, they are literally my two favorite dips!

After that night I decided that the next time I was craving a snack, I would make my own hummus guacamole – or Hummoli. And I’m really glad I did!


1 cup of cooked and cooled (or jarred) organic chick peas

1 organic lemon, juiced

As much or as little organic cilantro as you like (I usually use about a small handful)

2 teaspoons of organic extra virgin olive oil

½ of an organic avocado

Pink Himalayan salt and pepper to taste

I sometimes spice this up with half of an organic jalapeño, with the seeds removed.


Now you can prepare this dip one of two ways. If you want a more smooth and creamy consistency you can chuck everything in a blender for about a minute until everything is combined. Or you could do what I do, for a more textured snack.

When I’m eating something I like to know what’s in it, so that’s why more often I skip blending and prepare the dip by hand. I put all of the ingredients, except the cilantro, in a mixing bowl and mashed it all together with a fork, but you can use whatever you prefer. Once everything is to the consistency I like, I put most of the cilantro in and fork it through. Then I put however much I want into a small bowl and top it with the rest of the cilantro.

I like making it this way because even though I call it Hummoli, I like seeing the chickpeas in it and not having just one bland food in a bowl. It adds texture and color and makes the snack special for me. I hope you give this a try the next time you’re feeling snacky, it makes munching on celery that much better!

Source: http://www.happy-mothering.com/03/recipes/garbanzo-guacamole-snack-dip-recipe/


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