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Skin Tags – natural and homemade remedies

Skin tags often appear on the neck,  inner thighs area, armpits or nose. Even though they are not harmful or cancerous, they may be uncomfortable to people who have them.
You should consult a dermatologist which will recommend most probably surgery, which is indeed the most recommended way to get rid of skin tags.
But thankfully, there are some natural remedies, efficient and safe ones, that can help you get rid of them. The most important is the fact that you can make them at home and they are less expensive then surgery.

Here you can find the most common and effective homemade remedies when it comes to skin tags:

  • Dental Floss – you can make if fall off by simple binding a little piece of dental floss or simple thread around the skin tag – this will make lower the degree of oxygen and the skin tag will simple fall;
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – keep the affective area in hot/warm water for about 30 minutes. Then after the skin is very well soak apply some apple cider vinegar and leave it for 15 minutes. Repeat this procedure a few times.
  • Castor oil and baking soda – apply on the skin tags a mixture made from castor oil and baking soda 3 times/day for a couple of weeks.
  • Potato – apply a fresh potato slice over the affected area. You can fix the potato slice with a bandage.
  • Garlic – just cut a clove in half and put on the skin tags one half of garlic. Secure it with something like duct tape. Repeat the procedure for 3 days, and make sure you have a fresh piece of garlic all the time. You will take off the garlic before going to bed and rinse the area.

As far as I could see during my documentation on this subject these are very effective and many people recommend them. So I will pass them over to all of you who are interested.

Enjoy! :)


Home Remedy For Earwax & Ear Infections

This home remedy is actually better than some of the over-the-counter solutions you can purchase from the pharmacy; most of the drops for swimmer’s ear (mild infection) contain just isopropyl alcohol to dry and wash out the ear, but the home remedy below contains rubbing alcohol and white vinegar. The rubbing alcohol and white vinegar combination in this home remedy work together to break down earwax, dry the ear, fight infection and sooth the pain. The addition of white vinegar makes this home remedy way more effective, as white vinegar is a antimicrobial, or antibiotic and it fights infection, that otherwise might require a prescription antibiotic.

For anything other than a mild to moderate ear infection/trapped water/wax build up, go see your doctor first for a proper diagnosis, as you may require different treatment or stronger prescription antibiotics.

You will need – some rubbing alcohol, white vinegar and teaspoon.

It couldn’t be easier make – mix 1 part white vinegar to 1 part rubbing alcohol.

To use – take one teaspoon (5 milliliters) of the mixture, tilt your head to one side and pour the mixture into your ear. Leave your head tilted for 30-60 seconds and then sit upright and allow the mixture to run out of your ear. Do this twice a day to treat an ear infection and clear out earwax and trapped water.

Note – If you see no signs of improvement after 3 days, I recommend you go see your doctor. Also, this remedy is not recommended for perforated eardrums. If you have perforated your eardrum, there is nothing much that can be done other than to take pain-relief. I know this as I perforated my eardrum last year, it was very painful and took three months to heal.

I am not a doctor or medical expert – I have simply researched this very popular home remedy recipe online to a level that satisfies my own needs. As with all home remedies we post about, I recommend you do further research to be sure you are happy and satisfied before trying the home remedy.


How to get rid of stretch marks with sugar


Stretch marks are unaesthetic, and once they appear, are very difficult to remove. See how to get rid of them using natural ingredients. Stretch marks can affect anyone and usually occur after pregnancy, weight fluctuations or steroid-based drugs. Women have a higher risk of making stretch marks and getting rid of them is quite difficult. Besides cosmetic creams, you can try a natural recipe, which can be prepared in a few minutes.

How to do it yourself!

For this natural remedy, you need a spoonful of sugar, a teaspoon of olive oil or castor oil, lemon juice and half a capsule of vitamin E. Mix all ingredients until you get a smooth paste, then it on the areas affected by stretch marks, using circular movements. Rub gently until the substance is absorbed. For the treatment to be more effective, it is advisable to use a brush and to massage in order to increase blood circulation. Try this treatment for 2-3 minutes daily for several weeks, and you’ll see how stretch marks will fade.


You’ll Never Shave Or Wax Again After Trying This Natural DIY Sugar Paste. So Simple And It Works!

Lots of women – and some men – shave their legs on a regular basis, but it becomes a tedious task when repeated day in and day out. Even if you only shave a few times a week it still takes up precious time. Before long all that hair is back – but not anymore thanks to this easy-to-use “sugar paste depilation” hair removal technique!  

While their are tons of alternatives to shaving, most contain harmful chemicals that are really bad for your skin. This simple technique only uses three ingredients: sugar, lemon and water.

Start out your sugar paste hair removal journey by combining 1/4 cup of fresh lemon juice, 1/4 cup of water and 2 cups of sugar.

Place them in a deep pot and cook on high heat for 4-5 minutes. Once it starts to boil take it off the heat and pour it into a separate bowl. The result will resemble caramelized sugar cake. Allow it to cool for a bit and then start pulling it apart.

The mixture should have a similar texture to chewing gum at this point but if it is too solid add a tiny drop of water. Make sure your skin is completely clean before proceeding to the next part.

Dry the skin then apply the separated parts of the sugar paste. Make sure to apply it in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Then just pull the pieces of paste off your leg and you’re all done!

This process is a little painful but compared to waxing it is a breeze and the best part is that after a few sessions of this the hair will start to grow back thinner and softer until it pretty much doesn’t come back at all.



Things We Do to Look Beautiful (That We’d Never Tell a Guy)

You know the saying women are from Venus and men are from Mars? We totally think it’s true, and you will too once you discover these unconventional beauty secrets. If there’s a guy around you right now, tell him to go watch some football (believe us, it’s for his own good)! Now that it’s safe, who’s guilty of these embarrassing, but oh-so necessary beauty tricks?

Toe Shaving. Who wants hairy toes? We girls often go the easy (and not-so-sexy) route when keeping our feet sleek and smooth and just whip out the razor at the first sign of hair.

Mayonnaise Hair Masks. It smells funky, but mayo is surprisingly nourishing for a dry, frizzy mane. Love the results, but not the scent? Swap this condiment for a hydrating treatment like Kérastase Nutritive Masquintense for Thick Hair.

Painting Over Yellowing Toenails. No one enjoys yellow toenails, unless it’s a deliberate nail polish choice. To prevent the unwanted yella’ (and the added effort in hiding it), never skip on applying a base coat. We love L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Nail in One Stop Base.

Hemorrhoid Cream for Under Eye Puffiness. Strange as it may sound, many makeup artists swear by this stuff! This popular quick-fix can temporarily soothe dark circles and tighten under-eye bags (and is a perfect solution for hangover face).

Diaper Rash Cream or Toothpaste on Zits. There are countless home remedies and beauty myths out there regarding the dreaded pimple and these household items are just two rumored zit-zappers. If anyone finds rash cream in your medicine cabinet, we suggest sticking to a tried-and-true response: deny, deny, deny.

Pepto-Bismol Face Mask. The famous pink liquid that has long been used to fight tummy aches is also said to be effective in clearing and preventing blemishes. Who knew? Want to give the pink stuff a rest? Try Kiehl’s Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin Clearing Treatment for embarrassment-free, clear skin.

Dry Shampoo. Most guys like to think we wake up with magically pristine hair, and we have no intention of shattering this illusion. Therefore, we keep our secret  weapon under wraps. Thank you dry shampoo for smelling like we just had a lather, rinse, repeat session. (We suggest Pureology Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo for a hair refresh.)

Disposable Toilet Seat Covers as Oil Blotters. Clean ones, of course! It doesn’t scream elegant, but sometimes you’re in a jam and need some immediate oil absorption. These bad boys do the trick — and don’t mess up your makeup.


Rise and Shine: 8 Stretches You Should Do Each Morning

One of the best ways to start your day in a healthy way is to take a moment to ground your thoughts by stretching and intentionally breathing.  It’s amazing what you can accomplish in less than seven minutes to set your day on the right path.

When you stretch deeply, you should always be warm.  So performing this series after a morning workout or after a hot shower is optimal. If you do it right out of bed, make sure you stretch more gently.

Here are eight stretches to add to your morning routine to feel strong, flexible and grounded. These exercises cover all your major muscle groups and can be followed any time of day, including after your workouts.

Upper Back Release
Targets the upper back and back of shoulders.

Standing with feet hip-distance apart, clasp hands and round upper back keeping arms straight and active.

Think about the shoulder blades spreading wide across your back.

Hold stretch for 2-3 deep breaths.

Chest Release
Targets the chest, front of shoulders and biceps.

Holding a wall, door frame or window ledge with left arm, step forward with left leg and turn entire body to the right especially at the hips.

Hold stretch for 4-6 deep breaths increasing stretch with the pivot at the hips.  Repeat on the other side.

Side Stretch
Targets the IT band (outer thigh), obliques and shoulders.

Standing with right hand on bed or wall, cross left leg in front of right leg, feet pointing forward.

Shift into the left hip and reach left arm up and over head, creating a long line from the left ankle to the left fingertips.

Hold and take 2-3 deep inhales and exhales.  Repeat on right.

Seated Spinal Twist
Targets the spine, neck and shoulders.

Sitting on a chair or edge of bed with legs together, lengthen spine rotate from the waist, placing one hand behind you and the other hand on your outer thigh for support.

For a deeper stretch for the neck, turn your gaze to look over your shoulder as well.

Hold 2-3 deep breaths.  Repeat other side.

Standing Hamstring Stretch
Targets hamstrings.

Supporting yourself for balance as needed, bring right leg up onto a step or bench, increasing height as flexibility increases.  Keep legs hips distance and parallel and keep back leg straight (if possible) and front foot flexed.

If you need to increase stretch, hinge at the hips (not the waist or back), keeping the spine completely straight.  Don’t round the spine.

Take 4-6 deep breaths. Repeat other side.

Standing Quad Stretch
Targets quadriceps.

Holding a chair, wall or bed for support, stand with feet hip-distance apart. Soften left knee and reach for your right foot or ankle, bending the right knee to point straight down to the floor.

Keep pelvis neutral and spine tall with the crown of your  head reaching to the ceiling.

Hold for 4-6 deep breaths.  Repeat other side.

Outer Hip Stretch
Targets hips and outer thighs.

Lift left leg, knee bent, onto bed. Square off hips and make sure front knee is outside of front shoulder.

Keeping tailbone untucked and spine straight, hinge forward at the hips, placing hands on the bed for support.

Hold for 4-6 deep breaths then change sides.

Standing Forward Bend
Targets hamstrings and lower back.

Standing with feet hip-distance apart and knees slightly bent, hinge forward at the hips.  Allow your upper body to hang over your legs and clasp elbows.

(Note: Do not “hang” from elbows if you have any lower back issues. Instead, place hands on floor or legs for support.)

Hold for 2-3 deep breaths while you gently shake your head no and even more gently nod your head yes.   To come up, pull in abs and gently round up one vertebra at a time.



Do you want to build a snow man or ride our bikes around the halls… The Frozen soundtrack is on constant replay at out house and we are enjoying all things SNOW related this time of year! Snowmen, sledding and getting cozy by the fire!! This month our blog hop is centered around SNOW! Glorious SNOW! So sit back grab some cocoa and check out these awesome SNOWtastic ideas! 

Did I mention that I’m a complete wuss when it comes to running outside?? I am! On that very same note I really detest running on a treadmill…. So I decided to give running outside a chance, so I did a little research to make the most out of (in my opinion)an unpleasant scenario. So I’m sharing with you lovely peeps some of tips and tricks I came up with!! To keep you perfectly toasty and comfortable when running in the snow and cold icky weather! (Well as comfortable as you can be…).

First off its all about wearing layers!! You want to start with a loose fitting long sleeve wicking base layer. Such as DriFit, Thinsalute, Thermax or other such brands. This will allow you to wick your sweat away and keep you dry and warm. DO NOT WEAR a cotton base layer this will leave you wet and cold… NOT a good combo .

Second you’ll need a wind or waterproof layer. You’ll want one that will allow both heat and moisture to escape to prevent overheating or chilling. One with a zipper is optimal to allow you to adjust for the proper exposure and you can self regulate temps as needed.

You’ll also want to wear close fitting long running pants or leggings. Your legs generate the most heat so you don’t need as many layers. Just stick with a synthetic material.

Wear a HAT! As they say you lose a ton of heat from that region! Wearing a warm hat will help keep you warm! A fleece or wool hat is best! If you start to overheat you can easily take of your hat off and tuck in the back of your pants.

You also want to wear gloves and nice NON Cotton socks– They have great wool socks now a days from merino wool that are da bomb!! They keep your footsies warm and toasty and actually prevent foot odor a win and a win!!!

Some other things to consider!

  • Wear protective lip balm – the cold and the wind can chap those soft lips of yours
  • DRINK your water! Do NOT forget just because your cold… your body still needs it!
  • Give your body time to warm up and adjust walk briskly for a bit as your body adjusts to the cooler temps
  • Stay Low.. Shorten your stride and your feet lower to the grounds this will help you better navigate the sometimes treacherous terrain.
  • This may seem like a no brainer…but I’m gonna say it anyway avoid running on packed snow and ice this will help keep you running instead of ending up with a good ole’ injury…  


The Right Way to Air Dry Your Hair in Cold Weather

If you’re one to walk out of the house with sopping wet hair post-shower, you should know that winter is NOT the time to do this. In an effort to keep you sleek (and safe), we’ve put together the perfect way to speed up your air-dry process so that you can get back to enjoying the snow — with a hat on, of course!

Quick Dry Tricks

1. Before the drying even begins, use a clarifying shampoo like Kérastase Bain Cristal Fine in the shower to remove any buildup and impurities near your roots. This will help keep the hair around your scalp light and clean, allowing for a shorter drying time … because we all know that this is the most painstaking part to dry!

2. After washing, squeeze the majority of water out of your hair by twisting and wringing it. Then, gently rough dry your hair by blotting it with either a microfiber towel or an old T-shirt to remove the excess moisture, all while preventing breakage and frizz.

3. Never run a brush through wet hair since your strands are weakened and extra-prone to breaking while damp. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb like The Body Shop Detangling Comb, starting from your tips and working your way up to your roots.

4. At this point, you might want to throw your hair up in a towel while you get ready — but don’t! Fight your natural urges to get wet hair out of your face since wrapping it will prevent it from drying.

5. Continuously run your fingers through your hair and lift hair at your roots, allowing air to work its way through. Tame frizz as your hair dries by using a smoothing serum like Pureology Cuticle Polisher or a lightweight gel such as Garnier Fructis Curl Sculpting Cream Gel to help seal your ends and provide ultimate shine!

Overnight Fix

There’s no easier way to let your hair air dry than by washing it before bed and allowing it to dry overnight. Once hair is almost completely dry, throw it in a braid and unravel in the morning or try heatless curls!


How to Get Rid of Acne Scars Fast and Naturally Overnight

Almost every person has some or the other scar that they would like to get rid of. However, only a few are aware of natural scar removal tips. Want a natural scar remover? Try this! 

A simple do-it-yourself remedy to minimize acne marks/blemishes.


  • Leave by mixing 1/2 teaspoon baking soda and 1/2 teaspoon purified water to create a paste.
  • Apply to affected area for 5 minutes; splash off.
  • After, apply coconut oil. Prevents darkening. Can be done before sleeping. Worth a try!


10 Effective Home Remedies To Stop Vomiting

It could be because of a hangover, food poisoning or a 24-hour stomach bug. Any of these ways, vomiting can sap you of energy and leave you feeling miserable. Thankfully, there are some home remedies that you can use to ease vomiting and to make yourself feel better. The most important point to remember when you are suffering from vomiting is to keep yourself hydrated. Excessive puking can dehydrate you, so keep sipping water throughout the day. As far as the regurgitation and spasms are concerned, there are numerous home remedies for vomiting that can provide relief.

Here are the top 10 home remedies to stop vomiting that are time-tested and can prove to be a lifesaver, so to say, when the vomiting bug strikes you.

Best Home Remedies for Vomiting

1. Ginger Root:

Asian cultures discovered the healing properties of ginger centuries ago and have been using it to ease digestive problems since time immemorial. Take a piece of ginger root and chew on it to ease vomiting. Ginger is a natural anti-emetic. If you cannot stand the taste of ginger, take a spoon of honey while chewing it.

2. Mint Leaves:

Rather than going for ready-made herbal teas to stop throwing up, brew a cup of mint tea! This can be done by steeping some dried mint leaves in a cup of boiling water for an hour. Strain and consume. Alternatively, you can chew on fresh mint leaves to ease vomiting.

3. Vinegar:

Sounds strange, I know. But vinegar can surely ease vomiting. Trust me when I tell you that it is quite effective. Of course, be sure to avoid smelling it, as the overwhelming odour of vinegar will force you to rush to the bathroom to give respite to your heaving stomach! Take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and dilute it with half a cup of water. Use this solution to rinse your mouth. This will prevent you from throwing up and also get rid of that stale taste in your mouth.

4. Cinnamon:

Cinnamon is known to be an effective home remedy for vomiting and nausea. That is why it is often given to women who are in their first trimester when morning sickness can hit hard. Take a small piece of cinnamon stick and steep in a cup of boiling water for about 10 minutes. Remove the stick and sweeten the cinnamon tea with some honey. A tablespoon should do fine. Sip the tea slowly. Drink at least three times a day to cure vomiting.

5. Rice Water:

If you are suffering from gastritis or some other stomach infection, starchy rice water is just what your body needs to stop you from throwing up. Boil a cup of white rice in a cup and half of water. Once the rice is cooked, strain and preserve the water. Now sip this water slowly and you will see how it stops you from vomiting almost instantaneously.

6. Onion Juice:

Turn your nose as much as you want, but this home remedy for vomiting is an ancient one. It can stop you from vomiting and also ease the accompanying nausea. Of course, you won’t be able to open your mouth or you will drive people away, but who wants to socialize when feeling so miserable anyway? So it is perfectly fine. Squeeze a teaspoon of juice from a grated onion and drink it. Follow this up with a cold peppermint tea. The onion and peppermint together will soothe your heaving stomach.

7. Cloves:

Cloves are renowned for their antiseptic properties that have a positive effect on the digestive system. Chew on couple of raw cloves to get relief. If you cannot stand the pungent taste of the cloves, take a spoon of natural honey while munching on them. There is no harm if you swallow the cloves while chewing.

8. Milk:

As unappetizing as it sounds, milk can prove to be good for your stomach. However, make sure that you have a dry piece of toast with the milk. Just soak the toast in some warm milk and eat it slowly to ease vomiting.

9. Cumin Seeds:

Grind cumin seeds to make about one and half tablespoon of cumin powder. Add this powder in a glass of water. Stir well and consume. You will notice the effects immediately and will be relieved that you opted for this home remedy.

10. Aniseed:

Aniseed has many medicinal properties and one is curing vomiting. It is one of the good home remedies to stop vomiting. Just chew on aniseed to get instant relief. Alternatively, you can brew aniseed tea by steeping a tablespoon of it in a cup of boiling water. Steep for 10 minutes, strain, and drink.

These home remedies are great for vomiting and nausea. However, if your vomiting does not ease in 24 hours, consult a doctor. I cannot stress enough on the importance of keeping your body hydrated. Remember: Dehydration can be fatal!