8 Simple Tricks to Improve Your Eyesight Without Laser Surgery or Glasses!


In case you dread wearing glasses or having surgery regardless of how simple the procedure may be, by observing these simple tricks you can rest easy and master to improve your eyesight as well as avoid visiting the doctors’ office.

Now over time you may have some sort of damage to your eyesight and you may become short- sighted: you can only view object close by or long-sighted: when looking at close objects tend to be difficult without the aid of reading glasses.

However, here are a few completely natural ways by which you can actually improve your ability to see clearer.

8 simple tricks to restore and improve your vision:

1. Consume carrot juice on a regular basis: Carrots are abundant in vitamin A that is crucial for your eyesight.

2. Limit your computer screen looking time: Also, it is strongly advisable to avoid staying too long looking at your computer screen because it will hamper your eyesight tremendously.

3. Gently massage your eye area: You should not rub it hard, but gently rub your eye balls when your eyes are closed. In addition, it will give you a soothing feeling and is excellent for relaxing.

4. Take a nap: Make sure you rest your eyes for at least 3 hours on a daily basis as it would greatly improve your eyesight.

5. Avoid wearing glasses all day long: As time goes by, your eyes will actually adjust to the glasses and you will become more dependent on them.

6. Spend more time observing nature: You can relax your eyes by observing nature, looking at green grass, trees, and more naturally occurring color as it will help your eyes a lot.

7. Use an eye compress: Apply a warm, damp cloth to your eyes when shut. Repeat it every day for about 30 minutes.

8. Improve your eyesight by using the following 16 step chart.


As an upstart doing this eye exercise for the first time, it is recommended to try gazing at an object for some time in order to train your brain to understand the logic behind the symbols. Also, this exercise may cause your eyes to water and you will instinctively close them, meaning you are relaxed and in a calm state of being.


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