8 Amazing Facts About Clit0ris You Never Knew Before


Most of the gals out there do feel shy and usually don’t like to have an open discussion about their own body parts. Well, it’s nothing to feel scandalised to share your viewpoint as it will only help you in gaining right insight.

So, it’s high time to pull down the wall of reservations and gain a better understanding of your body a little better. Among different organs that our body has, there’s one body part that I’m quite sure many of you  haven’t discovered yet. Thus, move ahead and read on a few unidentified facts about Cl!tor!s. You can express your gratitude to me later for this.


The overall dimension of your clit0ris is actually quite more than you contemplate, only 1/4th of the size is what you can see, the remaining is hidden deep inside. Ah yes, the average size is approximately around 4 inches.

Twice Sensitive Than Male P*nis

There are about 8000 nerve endings, which is twice over that of the pen!s in men. Consequently, it is exceptionally delicate.

It Matures With Your Age

The cl!t in a woman matures with your age. As a case in the point, when you are 30 years of age your cl!t will be two times bigger and when you reach menopause phase, it will be 7 times of what it was when you were born. Isn’t that fact amazing?

It Also Er*ct

Just like the male g*nital part, your cl!t also er*cts when you are highly stimulated or say aroused. It cannot be observed from the n@ked eye, just because of its diminutive size.

Size Varies From Woman To Woman

Even though, the dimension of cl!t do varies from woman to woman but it doesn’t have any special impact as a whole.

Only Purpose Is To Give You Pleasure

The one and only purpose of the cl!tor!s is to give you an ultimate ar0usal and pleasure when you get physically close to your significant partner!

Powerhouse Of 0rgasm

It is also known as the powerhouse of org@sm as a woman is more inclined to achieve multiple experiences of reaching the peak in a row relatively to her partner.

Did You Know…

Did you know that the fact that cl!tor!s org@sm actually lasts somewhere between 10-30 seconds?

source:  www.zeppfeed.com


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