No More Hair Loss And Gray Hair – This One Ingredient Will Do Miracles For Your Hair After The First Application!


The latest researches found that onions are very beneficial for our hair. They promote hair growth, strengthen the hair, recover the natural color and improve our scalp health.

Onion is rich in sulfur content which stimulates our circulation, reduces the inflammation and regenerates hair follicles. It also has antibacterial properties and helps us treat scalp infections.

Onion juice prevents thinning and breakage and also increase the strength of the hair.

The benefits of onions for our hair:

Onions contain catalase which helps us retrieve the color of our hair. This enzyme also treats graying and thinning hair.

A study made in University of Bradford in UK found that gray hairs are caused by the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicles.

Catalase can catalyze the decomposition reaction of hydrogen peroxide and reveres the gray hair.

The Best Homemade Remedy for Our Hair –Onion Juice

There are few different ways of preparing this fantastic juice of onions, but it is best to prepare it in small amounts because it can not be stored for long.

Bellow we are going to present you tree simple onion juices and you can choose the one you prefer.

1.Squeezed: To prepare an excellent onions squeezed juice you just have to peel the onion, cut it into two parts and put it in the juicer.

2.Liquefied:For this juice you need to peel the onion and cut it into four parts. Then, put it in the blender and mix until you get the consistency you want. After that álter the juice and then you can use it.

3.Grated: For the preparation of this juice your should cut the onion into two halves and place it in a grater. Then grate the onion and squeeze the juice using a muslin cloth.

Using Onion Juice for Your Hair

You can apply the onion juice directly to your scalp or you can wet a cotton ball and then place it on the affected area.For best results you should leave the onion juice to act for about 30 minutes or longer but only if you are able to bear the smell of the juice.Also if you want you can cover your hair with plastic bag or shower cup so that the juice will get deeper into your skin. Then, rinse off the onion juice from your hair with plenty of warm water and mild shampoo.

Note: keep in mind that the smell of the onion is quite strong, so we recommend performing this method at night before going to bed or during the weekend, or using quite a bit of perfume to cover up the smell

You should repeat this treatment tree times a week and you will notice excellent results very soon and you will be amazed!


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