Home remedies for hair loss that actually work!


Losing 50-100 whiskers in a day is normal, according to dermatologists. But, once the hair loss becomes noticeable and some bare patches are appeared, then we are talking about condition known as alopecia.

Many men are suffering from baldness in their 30’s. This is mainly caused by hormonal changes, stress and improper diet. In this article I will present some remedies that you can prepare at your home and that will be very helpful and stimulate your hair to grow once again.

Onion and Garlic

Many compounds that we are using in our everyday cooking are able to help us in preparing some natural remedies that will stimulate our hair to grow. Sulfur boosts the creation of collagen which is vital for our hair’s growth. Sulfur can be found in large amounts in garlic and onion and that is the main reason why they are so widely included in conventional medications for hair growth.

Slice the onion and triturate it in order to get its juice. Then put it on your scalp and leave it to work for 15 minutes, then wash it with a smoothly cleanser shampoo. Triturate several cloves of garlic and add a little bit of coconut oil. Boil this mixture for 2-3 minutes. Leave it to cool down and once it is cooled enough to acceptable temperature, put it on the scalp and massage gently. Iterate this treatment at least two-three times weekly in order to have the best results.


Coconut can be helpful in treating this condition too. When it comes to maintaining the health of the hair as well as stimulating hair growth, the coconut is very effective ingredient. The coconut milk includes proteins, fats and minerals like iron and potassium. Use it regularly and you will reduce the breakage of your hair. The coconut oil is very helpful when it comes to firming your hair. It makes it stronger from its root to the top. Use it regularly and prevent hair loss in the future. Chop a coconut and take the milk out. Blend it with a little bit of water and put this composite in the affected area where you noticed excessive hair loss. Leave to work through the night and rinse it with water in the morning.


Henna is acknowledged by the Asian nations for its ability to make the hair stronger and healthier. Combined with mustard oil, its properties are more powerful.

Put 250ml of mustard oil in a can together with 60g of henna. Put the mixture on a heat and heat it until the leaves are completely blazed. Leave it to cool down and keep it in a closed container. Apply it on your hair regularly.

Many people are using a hair restoration pack that contains one pack of dry powder of henna leaves with large portion of crud. Put this mixture on your hair and leave it to dry. Then you can wash it off with cool water. If you like to have shiny hair you can use these henna packs in order to achieve that.


People of Kerala, India are using coconut oil and hibiscus in order to have thick mane of hair. Hibiscus has recovery characteristics and is helpful for recovering the hair, disables untimely turning gray and heals dandruff. Regularly using of the flowers is very helpful in the fight against baldness.

Get 2 flowers of hibiscus and blend it with sesame oil or coconut oil in order to make a paste. Put it on your scalp and your hair and leave it for 2-3 hours to work. Then rinse it with water and a smooth cleanse shampoo.


Loaded with vitamin C and cell reinforcements, amia is perfect for the people who are suffering from baldness. Not only it is applied on the scalp, it is also helpful for improving our health because the vitamin C is much needed vitamin for our bodies. Crumple the amia in order to get its juice, or buy the amia powder in some health store. Mix two tablespoons of the amia juice or powder with the same amount of squeezed lime juice. Mix it well and put it on your scalp and leave it to dry. Then rinse it with warm water.


The eggs are containing a lot of sulfur as well as many proteins and minerals like iodine, selenium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. It stimulates the hair growth, especially when combined with olive oil. Use the white of the egg and mix it with one teaspoon of olive oil. Mix it well until you get a paste and apply it on your scalp or your hair. Leave it to work for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it with cold water and a smooth cleanser shampoo.

Source : healthybiofood.com


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