How To Make Perfect Shaped Eyebrows Without Threading!


Even the most beautiful brows need occasional maintenance, but what do you choose when it comes to a technique— tweezing? shaving? waxing? Tweezing is a seemingly safe method to groom your brows, and the results last longer than shaving, but it can cause ingrown hairs if the follicle breaks off underneath the skin during. In these cases, the skin grows over the pore and traps the hair, resulting is a red bump.

While it takes a little practice, all you need to do it is a string! Some of the greatest benefits of threading is that it’s a great method of hair removal for both women and men, it is less messy, faster and is less traumatizing to the skin than waxing or tweezing.

Threading is a chemical free practice that is very hygienic, as a new thread is used every time, and the process does not cause breakouts, excessive redness or pigmentation. Threading even helps slow down hair re-growth, because performing it consistently causes the hair follicle to weaken and become less dense.

Note:  This is an old technique where women used wax to pluck their eyebrows and other body parts. It takes little practice.

So, just have a look at this video below for more information.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Source: healthy life tricks


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