How Eating Dark Chocolate In The Morning Helps You Lose Weight?


It’s music for the years of all chocolate lovers out there. Right at the start of this post I need to tell you that I’m going to be talking about DARK CHOCOLATE.


Don’t confuse it with anything else.

Experts say that you can eat dark chocolate for breakfast and don’t care about gaining weight. In fact, you are going to boost your organism to use the benefits of the dark chocolate and make you lose the desired weight.

How’s that?

The Tel Aviv experts wanted to test the beneficiary reports for the dark chocolate. They made dark chocolate a part of adult people’s breakfast to see whether this research makes sense or not.

To make everything go as well as they plan, they put another group on reduced diet.

By the end of the test period, can you guess who lost the most weight?

That’s right.

The people who ate dark chocolate as part of their breakfast lost weight and managed to keep it off longer than the other group.

There are many reasons why this test works.

First of all, it’s the level of cocoa in the dark chocolate. It comes equipped with boosting abilities that regulate the fat and carbs in your organism.

On top of that, the dark chocolate keeps you full for longer period.

But that’s not it…

How Eating Chocolate In The Morning Boosts Your Brain

As if weight loss wasn’t good enough, a massive long-term study out of Syracuse University also found that cacao works wonders for your brain. It increases cognitive functions such as memory and abstract reasoning. The researchers even concluded that regular chocolate intake prevents against age-related brain damage.

We can thank those awesome flavonoids again, in all their antioxidant glory. Additional researchhas also concluded that chocolate increases blood flow to the brain, which scientists associate with better neural function.

Chocolate’s brain-boosting effects are especially prominent in the morning because, as lead researcher Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz says, that’s when your brain needs energy. The nutrients in chocolate provide that energy in a jiffy.

What’s a Good Dark Chocolate?

For everything that I’ve said earlier to work, you need a good quality dark chocolate.

A good milk chocolate full of sugar won’t do the trick. It doesn’t matter what it says on the label.

Make sure you find the one with 70% cocoa. READ the labels carefully.

As long as you keep your organism satisfied with a good quality chocolate, you won’t have additional problems.

Plus, I mentioned dark chocolate and its benefits a couple of times. One man even included in his diet as a reason for him living 100+ years.

I hope this scientific approach to dark chocolate helped you see the real reason why to eat dark chocolate.

Have a look at this video to learn more about its awesome powers.

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