6 Effective Ways To Lose Weight With The “Hypothyroid Diet Method”


The solution of losing weight is right in front of you. It is in the food you consume. If you commit to these small tweaks you will have a healthier live and enjoy your body. Some may say that losing weight when having a health problem is hard.

Abnormal thyroid function is the biggest preventer of healthy weight loss as the producing method of hormones is disrupted and for this reason you notice higher fat levels and bad cholesterol. Many feel bloated all the time.

These are 6 effective ways to help you bring balance to your meals, avoiding some foods which are damaging.

1. The Started Pack

First, you need to determine whether you are going to be fully committed or not. It’s about your health.

Since we got that out the way, let me tell you something about sugar.

You already felt that the underactive thyroid begs you for carbs cravings. The problem becomes bigger when you satisfy the need with the simplest carb out there: the refined sugar.

The real issue with these carbs is that your body processes it faster than the others. It means that you are going to feel hungrier and hungrier and it doesn’t matter how much you ate.

It’s wrong in a long term because you will catch yourself eating more sugar just to stay satisfied.

These simple carbs are found like:

  • White Flour Products
  • Soda
  • Flavored Juices
  • Corn Syrup Sweetened Products
  • Table Sugar
  • Packaged Cereal

There is a way to satisfy your carb cravings with something more complex. Even though your mind always points out the simpler things in life, this time, I want you to focus on complicating things.

The carbs you are going to see below are called complex because your body can’t process them that fast making you feel full for longer period.

It’s exactly what you need. Plus, it doesn’t cause addiction like the previously mentioned damaging carbohydrates.


Here are they:

  • Whole Wheat
  • 100% Natural Fruit Juice (or the fruits). Make sure you juice the ingredients by yourself.
  • Brown Rice
  • Oatmeal

Even though these foods all contain a good number of carbs, you are going to more satisfied and fulfilled than eating simple sugars.

2.Sweating fat off

The exercises will help you speed up the metabolism and make you ditch the fat. It will help you sweat, lose weight, and will boost the hormone secretion rate of your thyroid. This means that the chances of obesity-related conditions will be brought to a minimum. Focus on aerobic, walking, running, and cardio exercises.

3.Coconut Oil to Save You

The fatty acids in vegetable oils promote weight gain and slow thyroid function.

But you already know this.

What you don’t know is that coconut oil will save your life. It contains medium-chain fatty acids that act well on your thyroid function.

On top of that, these fatty acids will improve your glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity.

You can cook with it or digest it 20 minutes before your meals. It will boost your metabolism and prevent fat buildup.

4.The magical snack

It is important to have the proper snack in your diet. This will help you forget about food and reduce the intake of calories. Unsalted nuts are the best choice for your underactive thyroid. They are packed with nutrients and healthy fats which the body needs. Moreover, they are high in selenium, a compound which is a big thyroid function booster.

5.Oily Supplements

Getting enough omega-3 fatty acids for your thyroid could be a constant struggle.

Even though you’ve included enough fish in your meals, it might not be sufficient for a proper function.

Using fish oil supplements will increase the weight loss potential.

It will improve your body mass index and decrease the chance of you developing weight issues.

6.The magical potion

Apple cider vinegar helps in balancing the hormones in those who have underactive thyroid problems. It will reduce your appetite and encourage weight loss. Those with strong belly should swallow 1 tbsp. of ACV, and those that cannot do this, can mix it with a glass of water and drink it.

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