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How To Contour Your Eyebrows


Your eyebrows frame two of your face’s most important features. You spend time sweeping on the right eye shadows, liner and mascara, so shape and define your brows to complete the look. You’ll need to keep your brows waxed or plucked into the shape you want, and then use brow makeup to finish contouring them. Stylized brows have come into focus onscreen and on the runway, so if you want your eyes to be ready for their closeup, don’t skimp on the brow contouring. Follow these easy 4 steps:

Step 1: Grab a brow powder and outline the top and bottom borders of your brows. If using a two-toned brow set, use the darker shade to outline. Try using the Urban Decay Brow Box.


Step 2: Using an angled brush, fill in the center of your brows with your brow powder (the darker shade) so the color is heavier than the rest of your brows.

Step 3: If using a kit, apply the lighter brow powder to both ends of the eyebrows and blend them inward, into the darker powder. Use a brush to blend the darker shade outward, toward both sides of the brow so the color transition is seamless.


Step 4: Apply concealer along the outer top and bottom borders of the brow and blend it in well with a concealer brush so the brow shape is clearly defined.


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Source: http://www.fashionstylemag.com/


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