At First She Looks Happy As She Takes Her Child To School, But You Better Look A Little Closer, You Won’t Believe Your Own Eyes…


There is not a single thing that you can do about time. It comes and it goes, and everything becomes only memories. Time is a really miraculous thing and in this article you will read about one story that will make you to respect everything you have because you know what they have, you will realize what you are missing, when that is gone.

The story is about one mother. To be a parent, especially a mother is not an easy task at all. They sacrifice quite a lot to raise their children. A great mother will never discuss or tell to her children that she is sacrificing anything for them and she will at least pretend to be happy in front of them. But after all, every mother will want a break from the everyday lifestyle. And the mother that we told you that this story will be about was thinking about that kind of breaks when she walked her child to school.

She thought about everything that she is doing for her child and that she never has a free time for herself because her life is happening according only to the needs of her child. But this mother had a younger son as well that would not leave her to sleep at nights because most of the times the little boy cried. Although she thought she wanted a break from all that, she realized that something that is beautiful is giving her strength to do that every day. And in order to explain what and to share that with the rest of the world she wrote a letter called ‘’The last time’’. That letter is of course for the mothers that are sacrificing a lot in order to raise their children with love and respect. This letter will make you love every single thing you are doing for your children and that everything is worth for it.

In the letter was written that after having a child you might want to go back to your old lifestyle with having more free time, but that you will never be the same person after having the child in your arms. Also that when that changes, when you will need to every day replace the child’s diapers a couple of times daily and to constantly hear it while it is crying and not sleeping enough every night, just when you will start thinking that this is an endless circle of the same things you should understand that there is last time for everything in the life.

The mother explained what she meant by there is last time for everything with writing that the day will come when you will feed your baby for the last time, that the day will come when your baby will no longer fall asleep in your lap, that the day will come when you will wash your child’s hair for the last time, that the day will come when you will hold their arm on the street for the last time, that the day will come when you will hug in the middle of the night with the child for the last time, the day when they will not want you to take them to school anymore, the day when they will not need for you to sing them so they will fall asleep, the day where you will do not have to clean their face anymore and that they will not jump into your arms like they are doing now someday.

That is why this mother explained in her letter that you will face with everything for the last time even with those things, and she believes that every mother should enjoy those things even when at some point in her life she hates doing them all over again. This mother advices every mother around the world to enjoy in those moments while she can because she will miss those moments when they are gone.



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