A red lip is ALWAYS on trend no matter what the season or latest makeup buzz. I love red lips for summer since the bold color goes perfectly with warm weather hues like jewel tones, whites, and my favorite, turquoise. A go-to red lipstick is definitely a beauty product that every woman should have in her beauty bag!

STEP 1: Make sure your lips are hydrated! Cracked and peeling lips will make your lipstick bleed and look uneven. Dry lips are also a sign that you’re dehydrated so be sure to drink plenty of water and apply lip moisturizer or balm to maintain healthy skin. To get a long lasting finish, apply a primer, which can also help smooth out the lips.

Now it’s time to apply a red liner. The liner should match you lipstick as good as possible. Start by lining out your lips and be careful not to go outside your natural line; after that you can color it. The reason you should use a lip liner, is because it will make sure that your lips will keep their color, even if the lipstick starts to disappear.

Apply a red lipstick which suits your skin tone. If you like, you can apply the lipstick with a brush for a better result. The beauty of perfectly created red lips is in the good contouring. If you apply the lipstick directly with the stick, you risk failing this mission. Once the lipstick is applied, take a tissue and put it between your lips. The tissue will take away the excess of the lipstick. After that, put another layer of the lipstick. This will maximize the color.

Another trick you should know about in order to create the perfect red lips, is to use some concealer. In this way you can be sure that the color will stay in its place and you won’t get chapped lips. All you need to do is dab a small drop of concealer around your lips. Then, by using your finger, pull the drop out carefully and make sure that there is no excess lipstick that might color your teeth. And,


At the end, if you wish, you can put some clear lip gloss, which will make your lips shine, but if you prefer a matte effect, you should skip that.



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