5 Best Makeup Tips from Around the Web


We all put on makeup (at least some of the time), but is your technique yielding the best possible results? Here are some simple tips to make sure you are using everything from concealer to bronzer to mascara right.

1.Wise mascara application


Every woman has her own mascara application approach, but in most cases the problem appears to be the same – those dirty black spots that appear on your eyelids or under your eyes. Brushing them away is not always the best idea, because the general rule for mascara application requires you to do it after the foundation application. So, when you remove the spots, you’ll smear your foundation. To avoid all these issues, simply put a spoon above and under your eyes when putting on mascara!

2.Proper blush application


Putting blush to your cheeks is also a good idea for making your face look more radiant and glowing – especially in those days when neither your skin, nor your face look happy to face the world or go to work. To achieve the best effect, though, finding the most expensive and high-quality blush product is not enough. You need to know the proper blush application trick. It’s not a universal tip every woman can use, but it depends on your face shape.

3.Those big wide eyes…


When you’re tired, or if your eyes just aren’t as cool (and as big) as you would like, there’s a way to make them look wider and bigger with one very easy, but effective tip. You can apply it along with the general eye makeup products you use – black eyeliner, mascara and even eye shadows. The secret of those big wide eyes is putting some white (with a softer pencil) on your lower eyelid!

4.How can I remove the annoying face shininess?


Women with oily facial skin would do everything they could to reduce shininess. But if they cannot achieve the best final outcome yet, then they just don’t know our special trick for dealing with this problem.To remove the shininess from your face, apply powder. After you’ve covered your entire face with powder, get another one – one shade lighter – and double powder the T-zone or all the problematic areas.

5.Special tip for women who wear glasses


To make your eyes look amazing even under the glasses and to create a fantastic makeup conception, simply choose an eyeliner in your favorite color. Cover your lower lash line with it and use the classical black pencil for the top lash line!


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