17 Dads Who Have Mastered Texting And Nailed It Like No Other


Whenever we think about parents and texting, we know that doesn’t match in the same sentence. But some of these dads are completely rare case scenarios.

So these dads don’t just send random forward messages consisting of jokes, but they have literally mastered the art of texting. They would probably be great wingmen as well, if only they weren’t so busy making fun of you.

Anyway, here are some awesome dads who killed it at texting.

1. The dad who took the joke too far.

He didn’t give shit about the poor boy being scared but instead got his own fun out of it.

2. The dad who makes midnight snacks.

2. The dad who makes midnight snacks. 

And who would say no to midnight snacks? Or you might also discover a new tongue twister along with it.

3. The dad who loves donuts more than anything.

3. The dad who loves donuts more than anything. 

I don’t even think he read anything other than the donuts message.

4. The dad who didn’t care about his job.

But he wouldn’t mind cheering his son to murder somebody, probably.

5. Hilariously modern

I wish my dad were like this.

6. Don’t even try

So there’s no way you can fool him.

7. The dad who makes dirty jokes as well.

8. The dad who is so cryptic.

8. The dad who is so cryptic. 

9. The dad who was a bit too honest.

Do you ever wonder if your parents speak like that about you?

10. The dad who says it how it is.

Because the possibility of a dragon is more likely to happen than a normal girlfriend.

11. The dad who hacks phones just to make a joke.

And makes wonderful Sci-Fi movies references as well.

12. The dad who makes his own abbreviations.

Isn’t that so cool?

13. The dad who was passive-aggressive.

14. The dad who is simply cool!

I’ve never seen a father encourage his kid to actuaaly drink and party. It’s always the opposite.

15. The dad who actually believes you.

Or knows that your nerd ass won’t be anywhere near drugs ever.

16. The dad who had an awesome sense of humor.

17. The dad who cracks amazing jokes.

17. The dad who cracks amazing jokes. 

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source:  www.wittyfeed.com


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