7 Time Saving Beauty Tips


According to a recent survey, the average woman spends 55 minutes a day working on her appearance. That’s nearly 6.5 hours per week, or a whopping 14 days per year! Your time is valuable, so consider these tips for kicking your beauty routine into high-efficiency mode.

  • Keiko Lynn from Blog Lovin’ recommends tying up your hair with a scarf. This is a quick way to cover up messy or greasy hair, and it looks darling to boot! I’ve got a collection of scarfs going so that I can use them for all my favorite outfits.


  • Buzzfeed suggest mixing a little bit of highlighter with your foundation. When you rub this on your face, your skin will be fresh and glowing. You can do this even if you only have a couple minutes to get ready. It will help you feel more beautiful and confident, yet it’s so simple!


  • Mariah from Random Thoughts from a Stay-at-Home Mom shared her favorite time-saving beauty tip. She likes to shave with baby oil rather than shaving cream. It’s leaves your legs smoother for longer, and it helps your razor last longer. If you don’t have to shave your legs as much, you’ll save time in the long run!


  • Beauty Point of View has an insanely good idea for lining your eyes and curling your eyelashes at the same time. All you have to do is put the eyeliner on the eyelash curler and there you go! You’ve killed two birds with one stone. What an awesome time-saving trick.


  • Lauren Conrad recommends dusting your lips with a little powder after you’ve applied lipstick. This will keep your lipstick looking fresh much longer. You won’t have to keep reapplying throughout the day! Even though this takes an extra couple seconds while you’re getting ready, it’ll save you time in the long run!


  • Cosmopolitan recommends soaking your mascara bottle in hot water for a little bit. This will thin the ink and make it smoother and easier to apply. You’ll avoid messy, clumpy lashes. If you put your mascara in the water while you’re getting ready, you’ll save time when you get to applying makeup.


  • Life Hacker suggests saving time in the morning by lightly ironing your clothing with a straightener instead of an iron & ironing board. This is a great way to get the wrinkles out of your clothes without getting out all your ironing gear. This will definitely save time, while making it seem like you spent a lot of time getting ready.



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