10 Amazing Tricks With Coconut Oil



Alright the moment you’ve all been waiting for! This is the best list of things that you can do with coconut oil. Did you know that you can use coconut oil to remove warts? Yep – It’s totally possible! Check out all the amazing uses for coconut oil below.

1. Hair Treatment.

With all the compact nutrients of coconut oil – it literally heals flaking scalp, dry hair and all sorts of hair problems. Check out this Home Made Coconut Shampoo via beautyalsohealthy and the hair problems shall be gone in no time.


2. Skin Moisturiser.

Whether as face mask, scrub or cream.  Coconut oil as known for its collagen properties and is best for cellular regeneration therefore giving that promising smooth skin results.  Combined with coffee will yield to a cellulite free skin. Checkout beautyalsohealthy‘s recipe on Coconut Coffee Anti-Cellulite Scrub.


3. Nipple Creams.

Breastfeeding moms or not. Those nips need that TLC too.  Bring it back to that rosy glow with your good old coconut oil and lanolin.


4. Shaving Creams.

As versatile as it’s contents – Men and Women can share the love with coconut oil. And yes you can use it before and after shaving.  Amazing! This homemade body butter from beautyalsohealthy is a must try!

Image 2


5. Wart Remover.

How good are you with pain? Do you have the guts for the cauterization process? Coconut oil is here to rescue!


6. Deodorant.

Amazing! Who can say that coconut oil can also be a deodorant. Some may have that irritations but beautyalsohealthy has that practical tip to not feel that irritation.



7. Tanning Oil

Want that Caribbean Tan ASAP? Thanks to coconut oil’s amazing tanning accelerator components.  Getting that Caribbean tan is inexpensively easy.  Check the this homemade tanning lotion at beautyalsohealthy .



8. Vapor Rub.

I was like for real? Coconut Oil for Vapor Rub. This awesome Vapor Rub idea by wellnessmama works best for babies as  you know what you are making it with.


9. Supplement.

A tablespoon everyday in the morning will boost the immune system, mental alertness, hormone production and promotes weight loss!


10. Toothpaste.

Are you conscious of what chemicals are you putting onto your teeth? Here’s a plant based, animal testing and cruelty free toothpaste that you can do at home.  Check this homemade toothpaste at beautyalsohealthy!




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